Skin & Scuba:

Open year round
Winter Hours:   5 days a week  10am-5pm
Summer Hours: 7 days a week   9am-6pm

Steamboat’s Skin & Scuba is a full-service dive store offering diver certifications, sales/service, underwater inspections and salvage, along with dive charters. We have two instructors and three Dive Cons on staff to help you learn the trade of scuba diving while being safe and having fun. Scuba certification dives are done on Lake Oahe and in the Oahe tail waters, providing students with the best possible diving experience. 

Steamboat also offers a charter service with local guides on a custom scuba diving boat. Steamboat’s guides will help you take the “big one” spearfishing or do an exhilarating dive in the fast water of the Oahe Tailrace. Our local guides love spearfishing and guiding; they have spent vast amounts of time learning the lake and its fish so you don’t have to. You may be in it for the fishing, but we can guarantee you will have a great time enjoying your diving adventure too.

Pierre, South Dakota is your dive destination. Lake Oahe is over 250 miles long, providing plenty of room and great areas to explore for walleyes. Spearfishing is the primary activity most divers partake in with walleye being the main focus, but don’t forget about the elusive Large Mouth Buffalo Carp that can top 50 lbs. There is also a dive park, which includes several sunken boats on Lake Oahe that can you can dive from shore. The Oahe Tailrace is where the water is released from the reservoir and offers an exciting drift dive. Although you are not allowed to spearfish any game fish there, you will enjoy the sights of so many fish condensed into one area. Tailrace dives are very popular due to the unusual bottom, large rocks, fish and of course very fast current that propels you effortlessly down river. As if this isn’t enough, the visibility is generally 10 to 25 feet!

Steamboat’s is open year round and is always stocked with the finest dive gear and equipment. 

Please give us a call or stop in and our always friendly staff will take care of you.  Ready to start learning to dive now?  Click below.