Paddle Boarding on the Missouri River is quite an experience.  The calming waters of Lake Sharpe and the large area of Lake Oahe are breath taking when witnessed from a paddle board.  Paddle boarding is for all skill levels and abilities.  Don't let the name Stand Up Paddlboarding (SUP) fool you.  You can sit, kneel, stand or some variation in between. 

Rentals: We offer high quality boards that are very stable.  We supply life jackets and leashes along with the paddle board and paddle.  We are happy to drop off and pick-up your boards.  We have a variety of rental options (2 hr rentals, 24 hour rentals, extended rentals, or purchase a punchcard for maximum savings.)  Our staff is highly trained to assist you with any questions you have and to get you set up with paddling techniques.

Lessons: If you're interested in learning how to paddle board, this is for you!  We offer courses designed to get you comfortable with paddle boarding, balance, and learning the board.  Our trained staff has a variety of certifications: CPR and First Aid, Lifeguard, Swimming Lesson Instructor, and Stand Up Paddling. 

Fitness Classes:  Want a way to get fit outside and enjoy the fresh air?  This is for you!  Our fitness classes allow you a low impact, high intensity way to get fit.  The best part is, you do not feel like you are working out!  If you get hot, simply jump in or splash yourself with some water...all while getting a tan!  We offer a variety of fun classes to get you into shape.  You can wear a swimsuit, workout gear, or whatever you're comfortable in.  No shoes necessary.   All events and classes are posted on our Facebook page! (See below).

Yoga: SUP Yoga is gaining in popularity and rightly so!  Paddle boarding is a great opportunity to work on balance.  Being on the water and hearing the waves is a very calming way to enjoy your practice.  Focusing on your breath and hearing nature surrounding you is amazingly zen.  We will see you on the mat (the Board mat!) All events and classes are posted on our Facebook page! (See below).

Family and Group events:  We love assisting your needs in whatever capacity!  Bring your group to us and we will make a fun experience for you.  Whether it is bachelor/bachelorette parties, family reunions, group of friends, classmates, etc.  This is a fun way to spend some quality time.  We guarantee smiles and sunshine. We also offer fun events for parents and kids!  All events and classes are posted on our Facebook page! (See below).

About Us:

Endless River Paddling began operating in 2016.  After paddleboarding for the prior six years, it was too good not to share with our communities.  Born and raised in Pierre, SD, the Missouri River brings so much happiness that we wanted another way to enjoy it.  In addition to boating, swimming, skiing, wakeboarding, etc.  Steamboats brings you scuba diving and snorkeling and introduced kayaking to our communities.  Paddle boarding is a great addition!  We love the variety  that comes with paddleboarding...your opportunities to grow are ENDLESS.  Endless River Paddling exists to help our customers experience the sport of  paddle boarding  while having a great time outdoors. We care for our customers and truly appreciate each and every one of you!  Paddle on!   As we always say,"A day on the river is better than a day in the office." 

#AllAboutThat Paddle #Paddlethestressaway. 

*All boards come with lifejackets or PFDs. 

Endless River Paddling, LLC
511 W. Dakota Pierre, SD 57501