Game and Fish - "Where it's always tagged and bagged."
Here at Steamboat's Game and Fish we have been custom processing and smoking wild game for over thirty years.  We have perfected our brine recipes to suite the individual product to be cured and smoked to give your game the best flavors you can ask for.

Lake Oahe Smoked Chinook Salmon

Each year in October we get our salmon from the South Dakota Department of Game and Fish when they spawn the fish.  These are land locked fresh water Chinook Salmon.  We take excellent care of the fish to preserve the freshness.  The salmon are kept on ice and immediately processed.  Since this is a highly seasonal item, fresh salmon is only available in the month of October and sometimes early November.  Our smoked salmon is available online and in our storefront while supplies last. Choose from Original Hickory Smoked Salmon, Lemon Pepper Smoked Salmon, and Garlic and Herbs blend Smoked Salmon. 

Whitlock Bay Salmon Station is located 18 miles northwest of Gettysburg by West Whitlock Recreation Area.  The station is open for tours from 9-11 AM, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays during October. The fish ladder observation deck is open to the public at any time.  Group tours can also be arranged by calling (605) 223-7681.

Upland Birds and Waterfowl


Steamboat's Game and Fish is South Dakota's premier processor.  Steamboat's accepts wild game throughout the hunting season.  All birds are processed as a whole bird. Pheasants are cleaned by skinning while you still have the option to have your pheasants plucked and even smoked.  Your wild game is guaranteed to be Tagged and Bagged and legal for transportation. At Steamboat's we have developed a custom software for tracking your game, and our disassembly line operation guarantees you get the same birds that you bring in.

Smoked birds take a minimum of 5 days to finish. First we inject our custom brine recipe into the birds and then soak them in our brine for 3 full days. The birds are then rinsed thoroughly again and then netted in cheese cloth so that we can hang them in the smoke house. Once in the smoke house they will smoke for 36 hours and each bird is individually vacuum packed. We have a special tag that is pinned into your birds so that you get your birds back. You can ship our smoked pheasants anywhere in the Lower 48 States by shipping UPS ground. Making shipping a great option.

Typically we skin upland game and pluck waterfowl.  However, we do offer plucked pheasants and grouse.  Our birds are professionally cleaned and oven ready.  We vacuum pack your birds to preserve freshness.  The tagging of the finish product will contain: hunter's name, license, date of kill, species, and count, along with our assigned job order number for tracking purposes.  Each hunter receives the same bird(s) they check in.

Big Game

Steamboat's Game and Fish offers a variety of options for processing big game.  Along with burger, we offer custom cure products such as salami, summer sausage, pepper sticks, bratwursts, jerky, etc.  As of 2009 we added cheese and cheese/jalapeno varieties to these cure products.

Steamboats Inc. has been processing field dressed venison since 1984. 

This season we will be accepting venison trim for burger, jerky, pepper sticks, and other wonderful sausages. Regrettably, we will not be available for big game unless it is trim meat only. 

We have always maintained the strictest food safety standards when accepting trim. We have a check list of acceptable trim methods and final product on our website.  Or stop in for a list of what’s acceptable and not.  

Thanks for your understanding. Please share this message with those for whom it may apply.